What is Fiber internet?

Fiber is the latest advancement in internet technology, transmitting data through light rather than electricity. Using fiber optic cables which are made of glass, it provides a broadband connection that can reach speeds of up to 940 megabits per second, allowing you to upload and download files quickly and enjoy smooth streaming, gaming, and video chats.

Why is fiber better than cable or DSL?

Fiber sends information through fiber optic cables in the form of light, which is why we can honestly say it travels at the speed of light! Cable and DSL transmit data through copper wires, which aren’t capable of the speed that fiber can achieve. Fiber can handle more users and much more data than cable, making it the perfect choice for high bandwidth households who enjoy things like streaming videos and gaming. It’s also ideal for those who work from home, providing the fastest and most reliable connection for video calls, meetings, and more.

Why get fiber through JLink?

We don’t throttle our fiber internet like many providers do. What is throttling? It’s the practice Internet Service Providers use to slow down internet speeds, often during peak usage times. You don’t have to put up with buffering and frustrating slow downs with JLink Fiber to the Home!


The team at JLink was very knowledgeable in helping me with managing my internet and computers software as well as phone service for our company. I never have to worry.


I work from home and since I switched to JLink I have not had any issues in online meetings!


I work from home, so reliable internet was a necessity for me and I’ve had JLink Internet Services for almost 8 years. From calling to set up services to present, they’ve been nothing short of professional, courteous, and reliable and the pricing is budget friendly!



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